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Game: Qwixx

Maker: Gamewright

Game Type: Dice

Ages: 8+

# of Players: 2-5

Time to Play: 15 minutes

Contents: 6 dice, 100 score sheets, rules of play (instrucciones en Español)

Object: Score the most points by crossing out as many numbers in the four color-rows as possible while avoiding penalty points.

Game Play: Players take turns rolling the dice to try and fill in numbered spaces on their score cards.  For each turn, everybody has the option of using the number indicated by the white dice.  In addition, the “active” player (the player who rolled the dice) has the option of crossing off another number which is the sum of one of the white dice and one of the colored dice.  Penalty points are subtracted when an active player cannot cross off any numbers.  Play ends when somebody has crossed off all four penalty boxes, or when two color rows have been locked.  The person with the highest score wins.

Our Thoughts: We absolutely love this game!  As a mom, I appreciate that I can play it with all members of my family.  My non-reading kids can participate with just a bit of coaching on strategy, yet it’s still engaging enough to keep the teens and adults interested.  It’s a quick game, so you can have a bit of family fun before anybody gets bored or has a fit.  Another plus–all of the players are engaged on every turn.  You won’t be waiting for 10 minutes until it’s your turn again.  There aren’t too many games like that.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this game.  It’s affordable, family-friendly, quick, simple and engaging. 

Notes: Occasionally you’ll have to buy replacement score pads.  Or you could scan a couple of the sheets and print off pages as needed.  We have successfully played with more than the recommended five players.  We have also successfully played with younger children–as young as four years old (she just needed some assistance).